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About Me

The Struggle: The Experiences that Made Me Strong

My early years were not easy. I felt isolated as an only child from a single parent home and had no extended family in the same province. I was molested at 6 by a babysitter and was not believed and as a teenager I experienced stalking and harassment by a neighbour for a period of two years until I left home at 16 to start a new life. I didn’t have my grade 12 and honestly, I was a mess. This started my long journey of recovery through self help groups, counselling, reading and learning to transform myself into the person I wanted to be. Being on the other side, I realized how strong I was to not give up but to continue to grow and change.

A New Setback: Learning to Appreciate the Small Things

In 2012,  I started to develop nerve pain in my arms and hands. I went through 2 years of specialist visits and expensive treatments to get the constant burning in my arms and hands to stop. I was facing disability and my world was turned upside down. Thankfully, I have managed to control the pain by listening to my body and pacing myself. I have become a different person just as valuable as the old me. My illness no longer manages me and I lead a more joyful and grateful life than before.

Turning the Negative to a Positive: A Counsellor is Born

Through my experiences and learning to overcome them, I have been moulded to be a counsellor and have a passion for helping people overcome their personal struggles. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them find peace in their lives even when life does not seem peaceful on the outside. For two decades, I have worked in the human service field, specifically, in the area of trauma and abuse.  I have been encouraged by the ability of individuals to move beyond their pain to live happy, meaningful lives.

I have always been fascinated by us as individuals and how we collectively make sense of our world as human beings. I am also interested in how much our culture influences our thoughts and feelings in both positive and negative ways. Much of what we think has been ingrained into us by our culture and those around us. I have observed that challenging our beliefs can lead to living more authentically.


Even though I am a Christian, I will respect your beliefs and not impose my beliefs on you.

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“Be the Change You Want to See in the World”


Mahatma Gandhi