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Have you experienced a life event that has left you shattered?

Trauma happens when you:

Your Body is Trying to Protect You

When you experience trauma, your body will take over to try to protect you from the threat. Your body will kick into Fight, Flight or Freeze mode and you may be having many confusing sensations that don’t make sense. Rationally you know that you shouldn’t be feeling this way but the sensations continue and you can feel that your body has taken control of your life.

Symptoms can include:

Moving Forward from Trauma: You Can Heal

Part of the process of recovery from trauma is understanding what our body is doing to protect us, increasing feelings of safety, learning to manage our sensations, processing feelings and making new meaning.

It is possible to move beyond trauma and to use this experience as an opportunity to develop new strengths and resources. Many people have experienced trauma and came out stronger individuals and have credited this experience with achieving things in life that would not have been possible prior to the trauma.

You can be whole, let us help you put the pieces together.

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