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Counselling with Integrity and Professionalism

Values shape the way we see the world and provides a guide for behaviour. Providing counselling services with professional values means that I will be consistent in the way I work with you and that I will work within these values. It is important that you are aware of your counsellor’s values to ensure that you are working with a person with moral character and professionalism.

P – Purpose:  All people have purpose and meaning in the world. PEACE Counselling Services believes that their goal is helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives.

E – Empathy: The best counsellors are those people who exhibit empathy and can walk with their client on the client’s journey.

A – Authenticity: We believe that both client and counsellor should strive for authenticity in the counselling relationship and in life. Authenticity is about living the truth and breaking down lies we tell ourselves.

C – Care and Compassion: Healing happens in a caring and compassionate environment.

E – Excellence: PEACE Counselling Services promotes excellence in counselling care and supports ongoing personal and professional development.

PEACE Counselling Services Values

“A wholehearted endorsement for Sacha who is conscientious, caring and a fantastic listener!”